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Donithus: Chapter 01 – Thebean Space

Chapter 1

In a galaxy thousands of light years from Earth there is a binary solar system known as Boreas Andromeda. The two suns are orbited by a total of 17 planets and are separated by great distances, an asteroid belt and the periodic appearance of the worm hole known as Solus. It was in Solus where, legend has it, Theodonus was lost with his ship the Tribtan generations ago.

The Dakcinian Empire is an aggressive, warrior state who wage war in their quest to rule the 17 planets. Their focus has now turned outward to a small planet of the neighboring sun known as Caelara.

Caelara, the 4th planet of the smaller sun called Theab, is a world rich in raw minerals and natural resources. Caelarans are peaceful and only seek to trade and share knowledge and culture with their neighboring worlds. The Cealarans are part of the Star Federation whose flag ship is the mighty DSV Donithius.

You have been recruited to train at the academy and on your graduation, you will take the helm of the mightiest ship in the Star Federation. It will fall to you and the DSV Donithius to navigate and defeat ships of the Dakcinian Empire, asteroid fields, worm-holes and mine-fields as you seek out Dakciniain Raiders, Fighters, Cruisers to defend the home worlds from outside aggression.

Are you up to the task? You are our only hope.

Win the day, be victorious!