ShiftPro Calendar

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Firefighters, Paramedics, EMS professionals – you work hard every day. We created ShiftPro Calendar to enable you to take control of your schedule so you can focus on other, more important matters.

In addition to having a well defined, vibrant user interface, ShiftPro Calendar brings many other important features that you need.

Risk-Free Trial

Trying ShiftPro Calendar is FREE for 14-days. During this time, our support staff will be available to assist with any questions or issues you may have. Just send a message through the Contact Us page and someone will reach out within 24 hours. Of course, you can cancel at anytime during the first 14-days.

Multiple User Profiles

ShiftPro Calendar enables creation of multiple, distinct profiles. Each profile has its own customized Shift Pattern. Profiles are synchronized across all iOS devices using the same Apple iCloud account.

Customizable Shift Patterns

24×48, 48×96, Berkley Schedule, or whatever your shift schedule needs may be, with ShiftPro Calendar, creating a customized shift pattern is easy and intuitive. Shift patterns can have up to 4 shift teams. Each shift team can be assigned any of 12 shift colors. The full shift pattern rotation length can be up to 70 days.

Daily Shift Details

Tracking important items during the shift day using ShiftPro Calendar is a snap. Just select a shift date and add Shift Detail Notes. You can also add Overtime hours and reason to each Shift Detail for later reference.

Important Daily Events

In addition to knowing when you are scheduled to work, ShiftPro Calendar shows other important events including: Pay Days, ADO, Vacation and On Call. Overtime Worked is also displayed right on the shift day for quick referral.

Export and Share

New with version 2.1, you now have the ability to share your Shift Details for a full month or even a full year. Items such as notes, Overtime, Vacation, Pay and ADO days. Better yet, you have three options:

  • CSV – Can be imported into any spreadsheet or other record keeping system you prefer to use.
  • PDF – Export as a non-editable document and mail it as you need.
  • Text – Generate an email with standard text output of your shift details information.
Giving Back

We believe in giving back. As fervent supporters of our Firefighter, EMS and Paramedic heroes, a portion of the proceeds from each ShiftPro Calendar subscription is donated to family support organizations.

Visit our YouTube Channel for videos on how to set up for various shift patterns.

Set up for 48 x 96 (2 on, 4 off) Shift Pattern
Set up for 24 x 48 (1 on, 2 off) Shift Pattern
Set up for “Berkley Schedule” Shift Pattern