We believe very strongly in our customers’ right to privacy. Our customer records are not for sale or trade, and we will not disclose our customer data to any third party except as may be required by law.

Any information that you provide to us in the course of interacting with our sales or technical support departments is held in strict confidence. This includes your contact information (including, but not limited to your email address and phone number), as well as any data that you supply to us in the course of a technical support interaction.

Software Updates

Any data collected during a software update is handled by the standard Apple AppStore process. We have no external server that has need of your information. Your rights are protected by Apple’s own privacy policy, where applicable.


In order to synchronize your data between multiple devices that you specify, BGE Software employs a synchronization service based on the iCloud service, operated by Apple, Inc. Your data is stored on Apple’s servers, and is protected by Apple’s security and privacy policy.

Data stored on Apple’s servers as a result of your use of app synchronization is not filtered or monitored by BGE Software. We are not responsible for any content that is stored on Apple’s servers as a result of synchronization. Your data is stored on Apple’s servers in such a way that it is associated specifically with your iCloud account, and it is not shared with any other iCloud or BGE Software users.